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Ok, since quite a while i use my Calif Real Estate Brokers licence (govt issued, expiration date, my name and address appearing). It is a perfect document, as is any other similar professional licence--State Bar, Accounting, Medical, Architecural, Pest Control, etc)

2. I have used a new, current Social Security statement. I went to an SS office, got a current printout of my benefits and took that in also. In light of having the RE licence the SS statement would be redundant.

3. I have used an IRS Estimated Tax Statement which many of us get every year in the mail--(again, govt issued, name and address appearing, dated within 90 days of the purchase).

4. If a person doesnt own the place where they live and have no rental agreement, a signed letter from the owner that you live there, accompanied by a copy of the Grant Deed also works.

These alternatives arent on the list of usual suspects but they meet the guideline so they are acceptable.
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