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Botach joined the Magapalooza early. I placed an order with them on Sunday morning. The merchandise was in my hands on Saturday - except one item which was not included in the shipment - no packing sheet, no explanation.

Finally I got a reply from someone at today, explaining that the one item was on back order and would ship out when it arrived.

I'm satisfied with the explanation and as it's not something urgently needed, I don't have a problem with waiting for it to arrive.

Keep in mind, ships are used to the tides coming and going, but virtually none of them are prepared to deal with a tsunami. Botach may be set up for regular business but expecting those systems to react the same under the tsunami of orders of Magazpalooza isn't really fair to them. They kind of went out on a limb for us while others were still holding back being cautious. It's fair that we cut them a little slack instead of lumping them in with the big boys like Brownells. At least in my case, they are honoring the sale.
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