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In MY experience.....

Many/most LR shooters that I know have trouble getting the 154 Lapua's to shoot well. I am now on my fourth barrel in less than three years, and they have ALL shot the Lapua's very well. But, they are all 30" Krieger .3065", 1 in 13 twist, chambered with the exact same custom reamer each time. The 155 Sierra's on the other hand, are EXTREMELY forgiving, and shoot very well. They just give up a little BC. I shot quite a few of them last year, and they group great. They are likely the best bullet to start with for those new to reloading or shooting the .308. Just a thought.

Use Varget!!!!!!!!!!! It is THE tried and proven powder for .308. No need to experiment here.

Use a slightly large, thick-cupped, primer, CCI BR, Fed 210M, Russian, etc...

If shooting LR, get the max velocity possible. Almost without exception, groups and Std. Dev. gets great just before pressure problems arise. Then things get ugly. There is nothing wrong with pushing the bullets hard...they like it. If you shoot them slow, the wind WILL tear you up!!

Just my .02 cents worth...

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