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Originally Posted by wweigle View Post
I have owned two pairs of Danner Elk Hunter model boots over the last 15+ years. I never wear them anywhere but in the woods, and I literally have worn a pair out. I really like them, the Elk Hunters are similar in some ways to the Acadia in design and construction. American Made. Elk Hunter are all leather. One thing though it seems that Danner boots run on the narrow side of there sizing. If you have narrower feet you probably will be very happy with the Danners. Keep in mind that they now have two lines, like most boot manufactures, including Red Wing. Their originals types made in the USA with traditional construction methods, and their foreign line which tend to be made with newer methods, and tend to be less expensive models.

This is my biggest problem with the pair I have. I have a wide foot so I'm constantly stepping on the outer edge of the insole and after a short time I get a blister. I did change insoles and that provided some relief but after two-three 10 hour days on the trail I'm beat up pretty bad.

specifically these...wish I would have read the reviews first because besides the water-proofing(which I haven't had a problem with) everything else is spot on.

I'm not sure where they get off describing these as 'faster' or 'lighter'. They are the heaviest, clunkiest boots I've ever owned...maybe they are faster and lighter than space boots or something.

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