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This style seems to be pretty popular in certain military units, although I was never allowed to wear them myself:

Honestly I don't know if any civilian oriented boots are necessarily comparable in the sturdiness area. Most boots that are designed to be more comfortable tend to wear out more quickly in the sole area. Thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail go thru 2-4 pairs. That being said, most military people will bring an extra set of boots to last them through a deployment anyway. No matter what you choose, you will have to replace/re-sole eventually anyway. And, just because it's designed for the military doesn't mean that the soles won't come apart. I've seen the soles on the standard issue Army boot come apart on numerous occasions. Danners seem to be the exception.

I forgot to mention Rocky boots, which was my favorite pair when I was in the military. They seem to be the boot of choice for dudes going through Ranger school. Never had a sole "come apart" despite heavy wear, but it did wear away over time. Here is my pair after a year in Iraq and 2 years in garrison (disclaimer - not a grunt, but I did do some decent hiking in them):

Sorry if I'm over-complicating your boot choice, just my 02c. Anyway, like I said Danners are the way to go if you want sturdy.

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