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Originally Posted by seainc View Post
For AUG A3 BB you need these two parts. Not apply to NATO stock version.

For extending your AUG A3 OLA to 30" you need this part.
2. or you can find a 20" or 24" US made AUG barrel.

Finally, buy some wood stick and make your own 10/30 AUG mags.

Unfortunately it's not that simple - at least not with the Aug A3's that we got in our last shipment. The model we had has an ambi-release on the side of the stock that has to be covered with a shroud and I'm not sure if those other Raddlock parts work at all. I'm working with Radd to come up with something specific for this model. That MFI G28 style muzzle brake is an excellent solution for OAL and is the item we intend to use as well.
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