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The renewal process seems to be running pretty efficiently in Humboldt at the present time, mine recently took only eight days from dropping off the paperwork (same day as completing the renewal course and quals) to receiving the approval letter in the mail, which says to come in and pick up the new permit. Not bad at all.

The qualification details vary some among the local instructors, about the only constant is the requirement of 50 rounds for first applications and 25 for renewals. Old West is pretty much freestyle firing all the rounds at a static distance as described a couple of posts above. I haven't seen A.J.'s routine in a few years but at that time it was a bit more involved with multiple distances and some strong hand/weak hand elements. Mike Lee perhaps has the most rigorous local quals at present and is one of the few working from the holster, my personal belief is that more training is better so I've gravitated to him for renewals these last couple of times (in addition to various out of town opportunities well above and beyond what is required).

About the only thing that would make me happier would be a permit that actually fits in my wallet and isn't rice paper... I'll even (grudgingly) live with the three gun limit since it has probably saved me a bunch of money over the years
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