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Originally Posted by Wook View Post
Go to your LGS and ask if they can order it for you, and an estimate on how long it would take to get it. When I went into Turner's, they said that they could order any current long gun, but they could not guaranty a time frame of when I would get it. They told me that the special versions of the 10/22, like the one you wanted, or the Ruger model 1230, the target tactical version that I wanted, were in extremely limited production, due to the high demand of the more standard versions of the 10/22s.
I have a friend living through this process at Turners. He ordered a Cugir AK last November, paid in full and is still waiting. I was hoping to find one of these Rugers before end-of-year when long gun registration starts. I may have to compromise and go the more expensive route of building...
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