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Originally Posted by 24_minutes_to_1000 View Post
You're prices must be way low:

Savage barrel nut wrench- $22.89

Wheeler Engineering barrel vise- $60.99

$84 for a lifetime of simple barrel changes.

Maybe there is a dearth of DIY capable guys out there, but for the guys who like to do their own work Savage barrel changes are a piece of cake.

For anyone interested in the advantages and ease of Savage rifles, check out the forum at or PM me and I'll walk you through the Savage barrel change.
you seem to have left out 'go no go' gauges.

As few and far between as I'd switch out my savage barrel(308)- it's a lot cheaper for me to have Randall do it.

Consider I bought that rifle sometime around 2004 ish... (when accu trigger was new) The barrel was just removed for the first time 4 days ago by Randall to fit a brake.

This winter, I'll rebarrel, and have Randall move the brake over to the new barrel...

If I buy the wrench/vice/go-no go gauges... At this rate, it'll take at least 10 yrs or longer to pay for itself.... Save myself the hassle and just have Randall do it, and do it right, while I drink his beer.

I normally do a lot of work on my own guns- I've done a lot of mods... But the cost of all the tools to do it right, and how often it needs to be done...- Why bother?
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