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Originally Posted by Varg Vikernes View Post
Oh man they got VZ58 kits in stock too.
Thanks for the tip on the vz58. Just got the last one from RRC Firearms, and looking for a few more. If you hear of anyone getting rid of theirs and don't want it yourself, I would LOVE a note.

BTW, I know nothing about anything, just got my first firearm in Jan. Fortunately I had purchased it Dec. 6th. Good timing for that one, horrible timing to start into firearms. Unbelievable! I had a vz58 from an AZ guy, who was willing to take all the features and stock off, I ordered a mag lock, and the plan was for me to let him know when I put it on and he'd send the stock. My FFL crapped out. All of a sudden, they don't do transfers on any incomplete guns! "Store policy" yeah right, since about 15 minutes ago! WTF? I was really disappointed.

What is missing from these kits that you'd have to get separately, the finished lower?

Thanks for the tip.

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