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No, I shot pretty much only birdshot out of mine and have yet to experience a malfunction. The birdshot has ranged from the sale deals at Big 5 to whatever Wallyworld has. Even 100 rounds of the the dreaded Winchester Universal 8 worked fine.

Originally Posted by Mesa Tactical View Post
We are working on an Urbino Pistol Grip stock for the Mossberg 930. This is more complicated than usual because the factory recoil spring tube is far too long. So we need to use the factory recoil spring compressed about an inch and a half shorter. Mossberg said this probably isn't a big deal, so we first ran some tests with the factory stock, but with the back of the spring moved forward:

We took it out to Burro Canyon and shot a bunch of stuff through it and had no problems.

Then we got the prototype stock made. Now we had to cut down the recoil spring tube to fit in the stock. We took it out to the range on Saturday:

We experienced double feeds with low brass bird shot, but buck and slugs ran flawlessly. One of the guys we were shooting with, who works for Homeland Security, said this was an issue common to Mossberg 930s, that they ran best with tactical loads, not low brass bird shot.

Does that sound right?

Full details of project here.
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