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Originally Posted by retired View Post
200 miles. That's just a drop in the bucket compared the 1300 mile round trip we did last summer to the Area 53 Shoot in N. Nevada outside Lovelock. We rented a trailer for the 3 of us. There were two guys who came from the L.A., area also, but admittedly, most were from the Bay area.

Now, saying that, I won't do it again as that was just way too long, but 200 miles is a cinch and you will have a good time. BTW, I was joking with roll eyes smilie.
I've done many trips to Palimino Valley for matches. When I've camped at the range, I've only put 1300-1500 miles on my truck. When I've stayed at my place in Tahoe, I've put closer to 1800 miles on my truck each time. But, for a day of plinking, 200 miles is a lot. Speacially when I have to make it back home in a timely manner to care for the dogs.


I'll let you know a week or so before so that your quad will be there one way or another.


If I go, I'll have Lyte-'s quad with me. So, carpooling in your vehicle is out. You can catch a ride with me if, you are not planning on staying over night.
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