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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
That's a beautiful project!

I got to admit with the old optics it's weird how they work. On my M1D with an original M84 it's a bit of a shame because I can shoot tighter groups with the NM diopters on there. With the Mosin Sniper the PU scope works pretty well. With the Swede M41b the Ajax scope is superb.

One thing to check on the old scopes is good collimation internally. There used to be a few old time optical techs that could work miracles but they seem to be all gone. I had to do it myself on the M84 and after that it works pretty damn well, but I would still use the diopters over it.
Thanks, Godfather.

Planning on using the 1903 @600 yards and an M96 with a 4x Weaver @ 300 yards.
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