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Default Plaintiffs for Del Mar Gun Show Litigation

From the CRPA

CRPA is looking for additional potential plaintiffs to join a soon to be filed lawsuit challenging a recent decision by the Del Mar Fairgrounds Board of Directors to prohibit gun show events at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. These popular, family friendly, safe, and legal events have been taking places at the fairgrounds for decades, but a vocal group opposed to gun ownership launched a smear campaign against the gun show and the democratic appointed Directors jumped on the anti-gun owner bandwagon. In fact, the one Director who saw through the lies and voted not to ban the gun show was fired from the board shortly after his vote.

This is outrageous viewpoint discrimination and censorship being used to attack a legitimate business and those who chose to attend these shows. The Directors voted to stop the gun show from using a venue that was built for public use. In fact, the government has a monopoly on venues this size, no adequate private venues exist.

The gun ban lobby hates guns and gun owners and wants to censor the gun “culture” and take the fun out of the shooting sports. Efforts to ban gun show events are being pushed across California, and we must fight back and make it clear that these bans are unconstitutional. The law, primarily the First Amendment, prohibits this type of discrimination.

Now the gun show is fighting back to set legal precedent protecting these events, and your constitutional rights to attend them. If you or someone you know has attended the show event, wishes to continue to attend these shows, has exhibited at or been a vendor for these events and is are willing to join the fight for the future of the Del Mar Gun Show, please contact CRPA attorneys at or call (562) 216-4444. Do not hesitate in reaching out, even if you have questions about what it means to be a plaintiff. There will be no costs for plaintiffs. Act now and help us challenge this arbitrary and unconstitutional decision!

With all of the new laws being passed in California on a regular basis, we are always looking for people who are willing to be plaintiffs. If you think that you would like to complete the form and be on an available list of potential plaintiffs, please click here and complete the form. The State of California and local cities are continually passing unconstitutional laws and letting the courts sort things out. This year will be active as we fight on multiple fronts. We want to be ready to stand up and fight for your rights. Please consider completing a form today, and join the fight by joining and supporting CRPA and NRA.
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