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Originally Posted by Masada86 View Post
That's what they said in 2008-2009...let's stay positive people.
I think it will come down, just not back to $4.00 a box of plinking ammo. Right now my LGS all seem to be selling low end 55gr plinking 223 ammo for $14.99 and they keep selling out. Pre 2008 I remember paying $3.50 for a box of wolf 556. After 2008 it went up then came back down close to $5.00 for wolf and $8.00 for PMC. And now it has gone up to the point it is close to $1 a round. I think it will come down but I bet we have set a new retail price of $10.00 for PMC and probably $7.50 for cheap imported surplus.

I hope I am wrong but the fact is after each panic, the prices jump and then settle but never make it back to the previous lows.
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