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I took Darren's class yesterday and it was a lot of fun. The 1/5 instructor to student ratio was great. Learning to "get off the X" and shoot while moving was the most valuable aspect of the training for me, as well being able to practice the parts of my gun handling that need to be a bit faster, or more efficient.

Darren is a guy that has experience with many different techniques in all areas of gun handling. That being said he is great at differentiating between his opinions and facts. For instance, it's a fact that concentrating on the front sight will improve fast shooting accuracy. Facing your magazines the reverse way in their pouches (notice I didn't say backwards, or the wrong way) is an opinion about what works for him. He wants you to at least try things his way before you settle on a technique that works for you. Then you know what you need to practice. He's not one of those "my way or the highway" types.

Although a shot timer is used frequently in the class and there is a competitive aspect to it, you don't feel at all like you are there trying to win a competition.

It's a great class for someone that wants defensive pistol instruction, especially if the extent of their experience is standing still on a square range. He also gives a substantial discount to students that repeat the class. I definitely plan on taking him up on it.
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