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For my FBI 10 year background, I had to track down everything and list arrests where no files were charged (crazy ex gf). Letters were sent out to all contacts for confirmation. Had people calling me like crazy asking what it was about. There were 2 former addresses where I didn't get along with the former roommates any longer, but it didn't seem to hold me up.

Fingerprinting was interesting because livescan wasn't in effect yet. I had sprained my ankle and was on crutches. Crutched on in to the downtown USMS office, security questioned me and said I had to go to the Sheriffs for fingerprinting. I said USMS and my boss told me to come here.

As I started crutching away, with my phone dialing my boss, they stop me and said that they were just testing me to make sure that I was supposed to be there. I wasn't able to crutch on in because of the metal detector. More like hop on in. Those bastards.

Basically required for any work with the Federal Government. YMMV
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