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Originally Posted by Jonnyboy182 View Post
Yes, I couldnt find some info about tickets I wrote the year and approx month and explained it durring my interview when they asked me. Get a list of ALL your jobs and places where you lived. Get a list and all the info of people you may want to use as references. Get family members phone numbers, addresses, email, etc. Let the people who youve chosen as references know so they are ready to send the questionare back ASAP.
Just my $.02 about references. I have never applied to be a LEO but I did need a Federal Background Check in my present job, which I geuss would be very similar. One thing that held me up was my references not returning the questionaire in a timely fashion. You may think they will, but life gets in the way sometimes. I would suggest that once they receive and complete it, you go and physically pick it up from them and you physically drop it in the mail, or better yet, deliver it directly to the agency that has requested it. I hear this from nearly every new hire that this is what holds up their application. Good luck.
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