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Originally Posted by ccandgc View Post
Nice. Something I've always wanted to do....
Thanks, cc

Originally Posted by dfletcher View Post
Regarding the Lyman scope and most external adjusted scopes, they're not sealed or nitrogen purged, so some disassembly doesn't compromise integrity. I've picked op a few and cleaned the lenses, makes quite a difference. Great care must be taken to not disrupt the cross hairs and it's aggravating as heck spotting a smudge or fiber AFTER reassembly. I've just put an 8X Litschert Spot Shot on an early 1950's Winchester 70 in 220 Swift and it does very well. The Hi Lux optics are clearer no doubt, but I've never hear good things about their QC or mounts, screws, etc.
Thanks dfletcher. I've heard the same thing about the hardware. I used the Steve Earle blocks and sent it to ChuckinDenver for final assembly.

One thing that has occurred to me...I've got several external adjustment scopes, including a couple that are the proper size to use with the HiLux. What do think of using those rings with the HiLux, rather than the rings HiLux includes?
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