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Originally Posted by caponord View Post
Frankly, most of this stuff is academic and esoteric to the point of irrelevance for 99% of shooters out there, even the ones that participate in PRS-type competitions. Yes, if you're shooting benchrest or some other type of competition that requires pure mechanical accuracy, then by all means turn your meplats, weigh and sort your brass, measure every powder throw to 0.05 grains, load your bullets just off the lands, have your chambers custom cut for your best handloads, etc. But in the comps in which the RPR will most likely participate, variables like shooting from odd, uncomfortable positions, controlling your breath after a 50 yard run, holding for wind, punching through mirage, and leading movers will completely swamp out stuff like whether all your once-fired Lapua brass has perfectly concentric necks.

I'm not saying having a mechanical system with extreme accuracy is a bad thing. Far from it. I'm just saying that taking advantage of that type of accuracy is the final step in a long, long line of steps, most of which the vast majority of shooters will never take. If the RPR gets shooters excited to go do some distance shooting or participate in comps, everyone wins!
I'm not saying it's too complicated, but what you said is exactly my point when I sort of butt heads when people get so hung up on stuff like the fact that it is a factory barrel.

As we were talking about in the Rem 700 AAC thread, I have a stock barreled M700 that can hold sub 1/2 MOA at 700 yards with factory BHA match ammo. That is plenty of gun for 99% of shooters. I am pretty confident that the Ruger will hold sub MOA at these ranges with good ammo and quality optics. If someone wants to do ELR, sure they would be better served with another barrel. But, you get the point.
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