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Default Former Vet bsing me?

I used to work at a government contractor job doing security, one of the vet's was a supervisor and the guy was a creeper.

I knew he was in the Army at one point. I specifically recall asking him what he did and his MOS was. His response " You can ask me all you want...." He just stood there in a awkward silence. He definitely had a ego him and I always didn't get along.

I saw on his resume He was stationed at Fort Stewart, GA. For 4 years, which is listed as " confidential". I know the 3rd Infantry div is stationed there so what gives???

Looking back on the whole ordeal, I can't help but laugh... I have a feeling he was bs'ing me big time. Especially now that I'm in the military. If he said intel, ok fine not a big deal. But no response???
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