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Well, I'm late to the party.

My vote on the back wall (I know, too late) is nothing. Reason being, EVENTUALLY one day you will have a need to have something there, and now you have to remove what's there just to put on something that is new.

I ALWAYS advocate "underfurnishing", because as you use a space the needs you have for your purposes will reveal themselves.

As for now, leave it as is, don't touch a thing. Over the next 2 years your workspace will self-evolve. That's the way to do it!


Every time you are at home depot, check the fasters bins for brass insert nuts in 3/8, 5/16, or 1/2 inch. Pick a size. Every time you go, clean them out (or just buy a couple) until you are sitting on about 12 of them. Buy a box of ~2" stainless steel allen wrench bolts with lock washers and two flat washers (regular and fender)

When you want to do something like "clamp" a vise, reloading press, barrel vise, gun stand, etc etc etc etc on your bench, just bolt it down. Set it where you want, mark it, then drill holes and put in the insert nuts. Now you can install and remove "stuff" on your bench via super strong machine screw and you only leave an insert nut hole slightly below the surface.

Just my suggestion.
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