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Originally Posted by BadKitty View Post
LOL!'s a nice guy like you doing in a forum like this? Say, that's a nice shirt you're wearing. You know what else would look good on you? Me.

<drum riff> Oh! Thank you! Thank you!

That's funny. For what it's worth, that was my first time ever shooting an AR, so I hope I can be forgiven. I used to be a competitive archer and my brain naturally gravitated towards wanting to keep the elbow high on the "drawing arm". Since I brought extra ammo that day, I got to shoot extra mags and, after my friends loaded it, we shoved it into my pocket at the last second.

And, no, I don't lean backwards..... I'm not afraid of guns. worries....I got better at it my second time on the AR at a CalGuns meet-up. See? Elbow in!

Yep, that's the San Diego Police Revolver Club range. Because I was with some police officers, we were on the restricted "LEO side" of the range and that's a police AR with full 30-round mags I'm shooting.

Hahahaha..... I picked that shirt because Hello Kitty looks kinda punk rock. Get it? Bad Kitty?

Anyway, I saw everyone was hassling that guy for not posting a picture of an actual girlfriend. I figured that maybe we could have a mutually beneficial arrangement.

You know, I keep hearing all of these men saying that they wish they could find a girl that's into guns and yet I go to the range by myself. What's up with that?

Uhmmm sure....soooo....are you gonna bring your wife with you?

I'll go shooting with you. Just name the range and the date.
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