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I keep a copy of the BOE information to hand customers when they ask in person. Through email, I provide the links. It is more important to educate the customer and explain to them that they could be liable for the sales tax (most likely the BOE will go after the dealer though).

A customer is not going to give you the names since they don't want those people corrected. I think it is interesting that they claim that FFLs who are collecting the sales tax are pocketing it. That is libel/slander since that is a criminal act. There is NO proof of such a claim, so it shows the character of the people involved.

I doubt that they are hiding anything since I think they just don't know the requirements. I saw one FFL who posted on his web site that he does not collect sales tax from out of state firearms. Clearly, that FFL was not hiding anything.

The reality is that the CA IS selling the firearm. Dealer Record of SALE. What people don't get is paying for an item and change of ownership of the item are two different things. The ownership of a firearm does not change until a FFL does the paperwork, who pays the money does not matter.
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