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Related to this thread I really hate when other dealers not collecting tax are making it sound like those of us that are doing things legit our cheating the customers. Here's a note I got from a customer recently. Emphasis added by me. This just makes me sick. I replied to the customer asking if he can provide me the dealer's names so I could educate them, but he has since moved on.

I am getting back to you in regards to the sales tax you are charging on gun tranfers from dealers online. I have done some checking around. i know some FFL dealers in San diego and in Santa Clara. All have said there is no sales tax in place on guns being transfered in from out of state. Regardless if new or used or from a private party or a dealer. They said any dealer charging sales tax is in error and is pocketing that sales tax instead of reporting it. To say I am annoyed with this is a understatement.
There are plenty of dealers not charging this tax. Its partially my fault for not looking into thisfirst as well. Its not personal its just business and for obvious reasons Friends and I will have to use other dealers in the area that dont charge this expensive tax. Thanks again and good luck.
I even provided this thread + my note from the BOE to the customer so they would understand and got this back:
I was just told how can you charge sales tax when your not selling the firearm? They said the firearm is not yours to collect tax on.
eeerrrr...yeah I'm pocketing the sales tax...why the hell woud I want to put myself at a competitive disadvantage collecting a tax and then conspiring to cook my books to hide that said tax.. these other FFLs do not understand how incredible complex that is when you're using computerized receipts and most of your transactions are with credit cards.. they must be small cash based FFLs. My guess is if they are likely not reporting most of their cash sales as well if that's how they think dealers do business.
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