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Originally Posted by eltee View Post
Declaring tax collected on transfers, etc.

When an FFL is doing his taxes, what happens if the shop does alot of transfers of high end guns and therefore collects alot of California sales tax which is out of balance with the actual profit the dealership made on dealer (shop) sales?? Do the tax collectors question why the total tax collected far exceeds the amount for declared sales?
You think they care that they got extra money? They would probably be jumping for joy.

Originally Posted by nobama View Post
Article I Section 9 of The United States Constitution says "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state"
This isn't exactly a tax laid on the item. The tax isn't an "item bought online tax" it's a "use tax." They typically word things carefully to avoid this stuff. In other words it's a "we're-getting-your-money-one-way-or-another tax"

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