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I received a shipping notification today, thanks for getting that out the door to me.

"On a side note... UPS takes 7 days to get to me when things finally ship, Do you guys have any plans to offer USPS Priority shipping for small parts orders?"

I'll get it in a week... any views on my other question? Not trying to be a meanie, I am a loyal customer (check my hits Would love this option to be available. If ship out times are not fast, why not offer a faster way to get a person's shtuff

I continue to buy from PSA because you are here all week long to field questions. Long lead times are something, but not knowing what is up, is another. Time after time, you do what you say, and that means something... shoot, it means a lot. Don't take my question as anything other than a question, I believe in your company. The deals will keep coming and I will keep ordering

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