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Originally Posted by 30Cal View Post
There's been a lot of griping in some circles that Varget is somewhat variable from lot to lot. I've talked to quite a few people that talk about Varget in terms of "New Varget" and "Old Varget."
Many fellow Palma shooters talk in terms of old / new Varget, and charge weights have gone up a few grains since Varget first became popular; I've heard of using as much as 48 grains ! Hodgdon's website, a great resource, has a maximum of 47.0 with a Sierra 155. I was surprised to find the two lots averaged so closely. In warm weather the '02 lot gave 3,005 fps; I'll check the '06 lot when it gets warm and may up the charge a half grain. I buy 4 jugs of the same lot, when it's time for new powder, it's also time for a new barrel.
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