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Originally Posted by BlackReef View Post
Thanks for the help guys.

Interesting - I just called Iron Sights in Oceanside, and they told me they will NOT do a DROS transfer from an online store, and the lady also said that nobody in San Diego is doing online transfers right now? So I guess that means new purchases (in-store) and/or PPT's only?

I find it funny that she can speak for all of San Diego with that statement. Honestly - on a personal note - I was turned off to Iron Sights a few years ago, and this most recent phone call was a bit irritating with her tone, especially considering how respectful I was, but I digress...
I use Paul Johnson Co. for online purchase. He's a great guy to deal with if you don't mind driving to San Marcos, near I-15 & CA-78 junction, not too far from Turner's.

Some folks were giving you the wrong impression. They were talking about Private Party Transfer, not online purchase. Most gun shops and shooting ranges don't handle online purchase. Even for those do, they will charge some ridiculous fee on top of the DROS. They see online purchases as their competitions, so why should they?

One thing to keep in mind is that by California law (passed about two years ago), FFLs are obligated to collect sales tax and that is calculated over the gun price + shipping + FFL's fee. The DROS itself, by law, is not taxable, everything else is.
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