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Originally Posted by retired View Post
Just a fyi: During the first clean up (2012 IIRC), two of the rangers advised me the area on the right, at the bottom of the hill when you first drive in, is too close to the road for shooting. The rangers said the area was less than 150yrds. from the road and therefore not permitted.

Since I do not go there to shoot other than during the cleanups, I have no idea if they cited people for shooting there the last couple of years. I would surmise something occurred recently that prompted the signage being posted Saturday.
It's also the area where the lazy people go...

Too lazy to walk up the hill = too lazy to pick up their trash!

I'm sure the green BLM stakes were simply to replace the ones that the knuckleheads shot up in the last year! I cleaned up 4-5 of those fiberglass stakes out on the backside that had been shot to S#!t!!!
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