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Originally Posted by retired View Post
I have passed on the questions and concerns re our advising, via flyers and a booth, those who come to Steele Peak to keep the area clean. Once I receive the feedback, I will post here.

I will agree with chknlyps2 tho that it will not look good if the BLM found the ground littered with Calguns flyers advocating keeping the area clean.

Thanks to chknlyps and Eat Dirt for organizing this event, the many members and others who volunteered their time and hard work and those who donated food, drink and BBQ labor to make this a very successful event. Everyone should be proud of their efforts. I spoke with a few people who came to shoot, didn't know anything about the clean up, but stayed to help clean up. Kudos to them.
Thanks Retired! I will await word from you or?
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