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Originally Posted by NytWolf View Post
By the time you get all the extra parts to make an overclocked PC stable, would you have gained anything over just getting a faster processor in the first place?

With that proposed, in today's volatile computer technology, the only place overclocking seems reasonable is at the upper end of the scale. Even at that, it is only for the coolness factor (for the "oooh"s and "ahhhh"s) of taking the fastest available processor at the time and make it go even faster.
Not really. As i pointed out in my previous post, i have a core 2 quad (not an i5 or i7) Q9550 over clocked to 3.825 and with my video cards (all of which i could replace with one card that would out perfom them all for about $150) i can run any game on max settings with no problems. Crysis averages about 35 FPS, WoW 60, Metro 2033 about 31... It's totally worth overclocking, ESPECIALLY if you have low end equipment.
And the only "extra part" you would have to get would be an upgraded heat sink to replace the stock intel sink (which sucks) and you can get the same one i have for $43. For that price you would save even more because you wouldn't be spending an extra 200 bucks on a processor that runs the same speed you're going to be overclock to.

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