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Originally Posted by HighLander51 View Post
You never answered my first question. Have you ever had factory ammo not go bang?. I guess not because you don't have any ammo. And you didn't say how old you are, I guess because your mom has to buy your ammo. I don't do dry fire drills, I do live fire drills. Thats how you know your gun works.
The answer to your question is, I don't use live ammo when dry fire practicing at home. So, can't answer that.

Also, I have plenty of ammo, thank you. Exact amount posted on here, but since you can't read, you can't do a search either, I guess.

If you don't do dry fire drills at home, then why did you even participate in this thread? Get your eyes checked (and your condescending attitude at the same time).

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