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Default CMP As-Issued Pistol Match Sunday March 20, 2016

CMP As-Issued Pistol Match Sunday March 20, 2016
Starting Time 12:30pm:
Location: BRRC - Castaic, CA
CMP Service Pistol 40-shot 25-yd match

Pistols must be semi-auto pistols that are practical or suitable for issue as a military or police service pistols. The pistol must comply with the following requirements:

Pistol calibers cannot be smaller than 9mm nor larger than .45 cal.
Barrels may not be more than five (5) inches in length.
Pistols must have a single or striker action trigger pull of not less than 4.0 pounds (Glock and Springfield Armory XD pistols with barrels no longer than five (5) inches are permitted).
Pistols may not be match conditioned.
Pistols must be equipped with standard issue sights.
Ammunition used with Military & Police Service Pistols must be loaded with full metal-jacketed bullets.
Two magazines & 50 rounds.

More info at

Contact Wayne, Dennis or Ralph at
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