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I won't get defensive. Trust me.. Doubters exist everywhere since it is "impossible" to get this gun on the civilian market. But you are mistaken. This is the actual pistol exactly as manufactured for the DET. The guns were shipped directly from Kimber to Dawson where the rails and Sure Fire IMPLs were added (with assistance from Mark Larue). The Ed Brown GS and Simonich Gunner Grips (now made by Strider- I'm having a set made) were added by the DET, along with the Gemtech Lanyard (and the Safariland Holster, FWIW).

At the request of the DET to Kimber, a limited number of pistols were manufactured and offered for personal sale to members of the DET. Hence my gift. It's the actual Det-1 pistol- Exactly as produced by Kimber. Is it the actual pistol in "DET-1 carry form"---, no. Not yet. I will not mount the accessories. I will leave it as is with the accessories unattached but complementing it.

FWIW, the flag in the background was carried on an OIF DET mission.

But hey, this is the internet... believe what you want!!

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