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Ok. That's cool and all. But holy crap what a waste of time. Yes I know it's cool to know how to do, but who reuses primers? Yes I can already see all the post about what happens when the SHTF. But seriously! Anyone who is anal enough to make his or her own primers I am sure is anal enough to have a hoarder size ammo stockpile. Besides if it gets to that point I have arrows! Lol and rocks with my old trusty slingshot!

The first guy I understood, he needed to make low pressure primers for a paper gun (that is amazing by itself), but this guy is just trying to save two cents. That's crazy to me.

But very cool! Who knows if primers get to be as overpriced as 22LR (people charging 5X more) then I may be changing my tune.

Next thing you know we will have a run on match sticks.

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