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Originally Posted by Meety Peety View Post
Well, thanks for the input guys, guess I'm just not cut out for LE I will say it's kinda crazy when you think about how a single night can put you in the doghouse forever. I guess for most people in that situation, being a LEO isn't even on the radar though. Of all the people I know and work with etc, even the people my fiance works with.. I'm the guy who is "straight and narrow" lol.
No so fast Hoss. I can tell you right now that X and Coke are no longer DQs. I worked with a 50 year old who experimented (Coke) and was hired. I am sending you a PM.
Why do pharmaceutical company laboratories now use lawyers rather than lab rats for testing?
Lab personnel don't get as emotionally attached to lawyers. Lawyers do things rats won't.
Animal protection groups don't get nearly as excited.
Some people actually LIKE rats.
Originally Posted by anbu_yoshi View Post
Yall need us around to teach ya English. The immigrant Asians use proper grammar better than most Americans today. Now I'm by far any good at math.
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I love Dicks!
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