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Not to hijack the thread but since it has to do with backgrounds and DQ ill put it here. This is my question....

While in high school 10th MAYBE 11th grade everyone at my school was doing ecstasy, me being dumb I wanted to try it. Turns out the guy I got it from sold me some bunk stuff that was not E it was fake. It had no effect on me and I did not feel any different, matter of a fact I took it and after waiting for a while I eventually fell asleep. The pill dodnt have any picture markings like you see on most ecstacy you see today. I confronted the guy about it and said some of the stuff he had got was bad and that he would get me more.

I never looked for him after that and it seemed like afte that he tried to avoid me. My guess is that he gave me fake stuff and tooky money. I was nerdy in HS and was probably the poster child for gettin ripped off.

My question is that on PHS packets it asks if you have ever done certain drugs. I have never actually taken the drug ecstasy the chemical compounds that make up that specific drug were never in my body. I know when it comes to crimes intent is a major factor.

I do not want any department to think that I am being untruthful or hiding anything but I am answering the question I am being asked HAVE I EVER done the drug and it's no. Even though I had the intent should I put it down as a no or should i say yes?Like I said I don't want the department to think I'm hiding something.
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