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I will look into Desert Marksmen, Thank you. A place to shoot is too far for such a sad range (well i haven't been in about 2 years so maybe its not beat to snot and ran by jerks anymore).

Too bad about "The Gun Shop" indoor range. When the summer comes its always nice to have an indoor option to cycle some home defense ammo out of your home protection pieces to cycle stuff around.

I used to work at Oak Tree senior year of High School and while I was attending COC but that was before their pistol/rifle stuff and I was here fighting back calling them on their BS with the Armatrex lies saying they were never on the shelf when I had a picture of it IN their case and one of their pistol bays painted blue with Armatrex logo's and then they were backpedalling hardcore... then when big Sean left I was just done with that place.

Hopefully in some time I will come across fellow shooters up here who know the areas and where there may be some BLM land to shoot at and fellow shooters to go shooting with
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