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Default Request Assistance with $1.57 Mil Tort

This thread is very old but I have been asked if there was a resolution. See latest post.

Subject: Request Assistance with $1.57 Mil Tort

(Many thanks to kestryll for giving me permission to post this here.)

My fellow Calgunners,

For those who do not know me, my name is Mike Haas, an NRA Benefactor member, and I have been working closely with NRA's top staff in the Golden State for over a decade. As a volunteer, I run/manage/donate the majority of electronic services that NRA utilizes in California. (The California NRA Members' Councils are 100% volunteer and receive no funding from Fairfax.) That includes developing and maintaining (at no cost, with my own fat fingers) most "smart" services provided by - including:

- the CalNRA Homepage -
- the CalNRA "Legs" page -
- the CalNRA exportable "Mini box" -
- the CalNRA "Life Clock" -
- the CalNRA "volunteer" service -
- the CalNRA "CAL-ERT" system -

I also provide a wealth of "internal" electronic services that help NRA staff manage the California NRA Members' Councils volunteers all across the state, such as...
- A private email messaging system
- An associated internal management system used by the NRA staff administrator (Paul Payne) as well as Members' Councils officers

I am also the webmaster for the Fifty Caliber Institute... and webmaster for Project Bore Snake...
...and other things (see full sig below.)

In 2006, I joined and introduced the powerhouses here to California NRA, basically initiating a strong, highly-positive association that continues today. I'm not as active here as in 2006 because now, key calgunners themselves work DIRECTLY with NRA staff and attorneys - but none of that existed in early 2006. To my knowledge, no other forum has this kind of association with NRA and none COULD, such is the intense negativism that permeates those places. Calguns has always been more about DOING rather than WHINING and that was noticed by NRA. That's why they asked me to become a part of your community and build that bridge.

I apologize for that "mini resume", but before I ask for help, I though a bit of introduction was in order for calgunners who came on on board since then.

Now, I've never asked my fellow activists for anything but to support NRA and respond when you receive NRA's "Calls to Action." As noted, Calgunners responded wonderfully (especially after August 16, 2006, eh? :-) - better than any other group I can think of.

But today I am involved in a legal matter that, while it doesn't involve guns or Second Amendment freedoms or NRA, threatens to cause myself and my family great harm.

My wife Dianne and our small family business (a dog grooming shop in Richmond, CA) has been sued for $1.57 million dollars in a totally groundless tort action. It all started over a parking dispute, believe it or not. When that ended badly for this party, the harrassment began. This person subsequently spent 5 years trying to put us out of business by making unfounded complaints to various county agencies (Business Licensing, Zoning, Animal Control, Environmental Hazards, etc). Every complaint was investigated and our business given a clean bill of health on all counts. It got to the point where the government officials would apologize for showing up yet again - "Understand, we have to investigate all complaints" - and some even became our customers. In all those visits, we were never cited for a single violation and every county agency came to appreciate us a solid citizens running a credible, upstanding business.

The county eventually suggested non-binding arbitration. We agreed. The "plaintiff" stomped out of the meeting after voicing that his goal was to put us out of business (we remained to negotiate in good faith, but the negotiators could not coax him to return.)

Eventually, we learned the county told this person SOMETHING that caused the problems to cease for 2 years (we know a meeting was held with the county supe). Until a few weeks ago, that is. Believe me, you can't imagine what it's like to be sitting at home watching TV, cuddled up with your loved one after a good dinner, and then have a process server knock at the door with a summons for a $1.57 million lawsuit. It takes the shine off dessert, that's for sure.

Of course, we've retained an attorney (thanks, hoffmang for the referrals!) Now, every suit is dangerous, but we hope the reckless aspect of this one quickly becomes evident to the court in pre-trial motions and it never gets to trial. And, if we're successful warding off this attack, we'll have our own gameplan to implement.

So - I finally get to it. Want to help? We are by no means wealthy and I don't have a Legal Defense Fund established (don't really think the issue warrants one) but there is an easy, fun way you can help us and yourself (as a shooter) at the same time...

You see, my small business is - a reloading website I created nearly 5 years ago when I became dissatisfied with then-existing online reloading websites. So, as a software engineer and professional web designer, I built the website *I* wanted to use and quit working in the (very stressful!) financial industry. A year's subscription is less than $20. AmmoGuide does MANY things you can't find anywhere else and I'm very proud of it.

If you wish to help, why not try AmmoGuide? Then we both can win. :-) Check the site out here in DEMO mode...

Thanks friends, for taking the time to read this and again, to Kestryll for giving me permission to post this here.

Mike Haas
NRA Benefactor Member, volunteering as...
Electronic Communications Director, NRA Members' Councils of California - aka
President, NRA Members' Council of West Contra Costa County
NRA-ILA EVC, CA Congressional District 7
Also, Webmaster for...
Fifty Caliber Institute (FCI),
California Association of Firearm Retailers (CAFR),
Owner and Author,
You may enjoy some of my personal web sites...

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