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Have been asked about the resolution; thanks for the interest, especially to my fellow calgunners that subscribed to in support. Hope you enjoyed the website.

We counter sued but settled before trial - no money in the settlement, we simply agreed to a slight change in procedures at our business (the complainer was eager to end the thing after we made HIM hire an attorney to defend against the TRO we almost got! :-)

The suit was the culmination of harrassment by a neighbor that started, 7 years earlier - get this - over a parking spot! (in our business parking lot that the neighbor had zero right to.) He stated he was intent on forcing us to move. We ignored the saddle burr for a longtime, I suppose a little too successfully, ending in being sued.

Prior to that, the party harrassed us in just about every way possible, including filing complaints with every city & county agency you can think of (it's a dog grooming business, been there for over 40 years) - zoning, health dept, environmental dept, you name it. We were never cited for anything. he kept filing complaints. The county ended up telling him they would make him pay for worker time everytime continued complaints resulted in no wrongdoing being found (and it never did). You have no idea how long it took the county to take that unusual action! It was done to alleviate THEIR problem, not mine (this complainer was now harrassing the county!)

Not being able to extract his pound of flesh that way, he turned to the courts, claiming damages of $1.57 million caused by water runoff (completely bogus claims).

Even after all we went through, we learned that it would have very difficult (and expensive) to win a malicious lawsuit case against this party. We'd have to first win the original lawsuit (never a guarrentee), then turn around and file against him. But malicious lawsuits are difficult to prove and all that is BOOCOO $$$.

I'd often heard how the court system has nothing to do with justice and after being attacked by it, I see why. It only cost the complainer whatever his filing fees were; he didn't even have an attorney. But when you're defending a business, you need representation. You're going to help an attorney pay for his Mercedes whether you like it or not (and you won't).

We were the complete victim in these events, but I COULD NOT AFFORD JUSTICE - I could barely afford to get out of the government's sights.

So that's the story. Thanks if you helped. Sorry for not updating sooner.

And thanks to Kestryll for letting me post about this non-gun issue in the first place. Paul, you have a free subscription at AmmoGuide anytime you want it.

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