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Default What a mess.....

Wow, a little late in reading/replying but as I read through this it brought on that sick feeling in my gut.

In the late 90's almost the same thing happened to us in SoCal, with a neighbor. The neighbor was doing illegal activities from his home (running a business) and the city subpoenaed us to testify against him. I was out of town but my wife showed up and that began a life of hell for us for the next 5 years and over $100K in legal fees. He did the same thing as your "buddy" did, accused us of everything in the book. This guy harassed us every chance he could. He would back his truck up to our fence, spin his tires and throw dirt and rocks in our pool. The cops just made a note and basically told us there's nothing they could do.

At one point, there were over seven lawsuits filed. We sued him, his wife sued us, we sued her, he sued us for suing her, we sued him for suing us for suing her....what a freaking mess. He even tried to get us convicted of stalking him, but the judge in THAT suit said that all his "evidence" showed us "observing" his activities from our own property and that is not considered "stalking". He dismissed the case. Our attorney said we could sue him over that for frivolous harassment. Yea right.....

Our first lawyer was a "friend of the family" but an idiot. It culminated in us filing bankruptcy, which stays any and all court proceedings. To keep from "complicating" our lives any further, we sold our half-million $ home and left the state. My BK lawyer told us these people don't care about the courts, they only understand one thing...and that's why I had to leave....glad things worked out for you, I felt your pain.....
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