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This thread is done.

Den60, you obviously didn't read the rules for this specialty forum located in the sticky near the top of the forum. These are in addition to the standard Calguns rules. Non leos can ask questions in a civil matter. They cannot come into the leo forum and tell leos what they should do (on any particular subject) in their opinion. The active and retired leos here and I'm one of the latter, do not want to read such stuff. My recommendation is to read the rules, follow them and enjoy the leo forum. The alternative is not being able to not only not post here, but not even see the leo forum. It won't exist for you. I would rather that not occur.

Personal attacks are not permitted. If there is a problem with a non leo poster please report it. If you wish, also send me a pm with the reason and a link to the thread. I will get to it as soon as I am able. Please remember, I'm dealing with some serious medical issues and also am facing a shoulder surgery. I am not on here every day, but when I am, I will respond to any pm I'm sent.

Thank you everyone.