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Default Harris Agrees With Salon Editor on Police: They ‘Just Harass & Take Up Space . . .

"Harris Agrees With Salon Editor on Police: They ‘Just Harass & Take Up Space In Poor Communities’
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) acknowledged Salon's editor-at-large D. Watkins was "right" about police officers after he claimed they "they just harass and take up space in poor communities."

Harris's campaign released a 31-minute campaign video on Monday that included Harris speaking with black leaders about the U.S. criminal justice system. Near the beginning of the video, Watkins criticized police officers and their role in poor communities.

"We shouldn't have to acknowledge their trauma because they're paid to be there. We live in these places. Police officers have historically not been held accountable because they protect and serve the rich and then they just harass and take up space in poor communities," Watkins said. "I don't see any type of big shift happening with the one term because it's like a cultural thing."

"Right," Harris said while nodding her head . . . "

Commenter: "Fine, remove the police officers and let nature take it’s course; after which black “leaders” will complain and protest about how “their communities” are being left to rot and are under served."
"Everybody knows, poor & minority neighborhoods are SUPPOSED to be crime-infested.
The people who live there LIKE it that way.
The po-po need to get on outta there. Nobody don’t want no po-leece protection no way.

In actual fact, having lived in such neighborhoods, Ive observed the law abiding people there are cowering behind barred doors & windows, forced to BEG for regular police patrols which would tamp down the blatant free-for-all criminal activity.

They’re lucky to get any response even when the bodies lay in the street.
This is because the cops are wary of exactly these type of accusations — that they are a racist, occupying army— by the criminal element and their activist allies.
Cops are continually placed in a damned-if-we-do-or-dont situation."