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Originally Posted by trapperjohn View Post
I think the images probably don't do justice to your gunsmithing. Tough to tell all that's special about the gun from these images, especially anything about the internal/not-so-visible work you did.

As with any product related endeavor, while the product (your gunsmithing) has to be good, the marketing is what is going to get peoples' attention and get them to call you. And since you can never meet with all your potential customers face to face and show them your samples (this gun for instance), you will likely be relying on images, either in print, or on a website, to speak for you.

So invest in some quality (experienced, probably professional) photography of your gun sample(s), and be sure to have images of the details that really set your product apart from the rest (or that make it special/unique). Especially with gunsmithing, the details are what's most important.

And while you may already know all this, and have plenty of other fantastic images of your work...well, you asked, and these are the images you

Good luck with the show - I hope you are very successful.

Thank You Sir, and you were right on with your comments, the website is a work in progress doing my best to show the world my work through pictures.
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