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Originally Posted by mtsul View Post
You don't use you own sling? Or change anything? Or carry anything extra? Snacks? Or anything?

And what is "everything"? Could you break it down? Like an inventory list?

That's all that's in those huge packs? How much ammo? How much Water?

General curiosity and I was putting together a BOB 72 hour pack and wanted it geared more towards military than a standard one
But most of all I have always wondered what you carry
Most of the time, personal gear is not authorized by your command. Maybe a Leatherman/Gerber and a folding knife but beyond that kind of thing, if it isn't issued, you aren't using it. By anything he means we get a lot of stuff that is pretty useless 99% of the time. Only time I've ever used my canteen cup or canteens was boot camp, yet they're still issued. Same with water proofing bags.

The 72 hr packs are the assault packs (school backpack size) and not the main packs. In those, depending on your position in the fireteam, you will carry about 300 rounds of ammo for yourself, between 6 and 10 magazines, a can or two of ammo for the saw gunner, spare barrel for the saw gunner, as much water as you can carry and maybe an mre that you've broken down so it fits better and weighs less.

It isn't a good idea to use a military issue loadout as a template for a BoB. We generally operate under the assumption that food and water will be provided, one way or another, every 24 - 48 hrs depending on your mission. We also would be carrying stuff that we need, finger print scanner/camera, for our job that would be completely pointless for you getting out of a shtf situation. A better place to look for what to pack is a backpacking guide. Things like a water filter, fire starting equipment, shelter if you aren't confident in building your own, etc. The only thing you would add to that guide is a field repair kit for your weapon(s), ammo, and magazines.
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