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Originally Posted by downdiver2 View Post
Stay in. I make more now, but I regret not doing my 20. I would be 6 away from that. And in my industry of employment, I could easily start at 42, when I would have retired.

Think about it. Most of the work force out there has just started over at a new company or just reached senior management by the time their 42 - and most likely in a company that does 401K's and not a pension. You would have a pension at that age and can have the liberty of doing what you want and still being able to retire.

I envy my father:
22 years Air force
20 years Northrup Gruman

He joined when he was 18 and he's only 68, young and healthy.
He has two pensions so now he kayaks everyday and lives life with no worries.

Lol you assume military pensions are still going to exist in the future. Democrats only have so much money to throw away and teenage kids from central america need that money more than us vets
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