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Look into CLEP and DANTES exams. I wish someone would have told me about them when I was in.

Extend your service until its convenient for you. I'm not talking re-enlist for years. Extend in short increments for opportunities or to line up getting out.

Originally Posted by pterrell View Post
I've been trying to do this my whole enlistment. I keep getting denied TA by my command because I'm too valuable to the workcenter to dedicate my time elsewhere. I've heard that with just about everything my whole career. Leads into why I never got a deployment.

"Who wants to go to (Fill in the blank)?"

Me: "I do! I'm fully qualified and want to go!"

SNCO/NCO: "Can't send you. You're my most qualified Marine. LCpl Schmuckatelli, you're going instead"

I quit counting at 5.
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