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stay in AND go to school..

don't be a complacent coaster..

earn, learn, and promote!

senior enlisted, warrants, ldo, ocs, etc. are all good income levels and benefits.. make 20 mark or better and lock in decent retirement pay for life while you seek your second career..

I took an alternate route but locked in 20 years of mixed service.. fleet>seabees>coastal warefare.. damn glad I did but I wish I hadn't wasted so many years passed out under pool tables in dive bars.. none the less, I've still been more places than most people can name and done things they can't show on cable tv.. wouldn't trade one day of it for anything..

unless you've got something airtight locked in at sep time, I recommend strongly consider working harder on your career.. and if the wing nuts aren't blowing up your skirt, cross deck into another branch or mos that excites you..

good luck!
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