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Default Re-enlistment

Well, I'm at that point in my career and I'm honestly torn on which direction to go. If I stay in, I realistically push my school and then my career further on down the road but I continue working in a job that I enjoy. OTOH, I get out, go to school, get a career (possibly making more money), and I don't have to work in an institution that values how fast you can run over your work ethic.

I'm all for physical fitness, but in a technical field (Air wing) I feel that your work ethic and competency should have a higher priority than physical fitness.

Anyone else face this dilemma? Did you get out and regret it? Hoping to get some insight from those who have hit their 4 or 5 year mark and made that choice.

Btw, I'm in a fast filling MOS and I've been in for just shy of 4 years. I'm also FY 15 so I have some time before an EAS but not much time before I need to choose.
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